“The more our employees grew individually, the more the business grew...”

“When you empower your team to do their best and be their best, amazing things can happen to your company”


Chad Peterman

Chad currently lives in Indianapolis with his wife Emily and daughter Blake. He is the president and CEO of Peterman Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, the company his father started in 1986. His passion is not growing his business but growing the people around him and is lucky enough to have a position that lets him help so many people in his community. He also does this through his podcast, aptly named Can't Stop The Growth.

“Chad Peterman offers a very unique perspective. As a very successful [business owner] and a successful second-generation business owner, he is in a very elite group of people. His wisdom on how to create a culture in the business that honors employees, customers, and generations of family members is truly unique. There are good business owners and then they are really good business owners who have grown a business and navigated succession from one generation to the next. This book is a treasure of leadership and business jewels that every [business owner] should read.”


President & CEO, Nexstar Network

“As a leader, getting the most out of the people around you is important when asking them to perform seemingly impossible tasks. Chad Peterman’s ability to quickly connect with his team is nothing short of remarkable. He has proven to be a progressive, modern, and empathetic leader that is willing to take risks for the greater good of those he works for. His instinct to constantly empower those around him will prove to be valuable as Peterman continues to break barriers and scale without limits.”


President & CEO, Nelbud Service Group

“I have known the founder, Pete, for many years, and this book is a tribute to how one man’s vision can become a reality through hard work, care, and compassion. This book describes the culture put in place by Pete and carried on by Chad and Tyler that looks to serve employees who ultimately take care of each customer. Inspiration can be found throughout if you are looking to build a powerful culture in your business or looking for evidence of a company intent on serving a larger purpose.”


Hip & Knee Surgeon - OrthoIndy

“Chad’s passion for his employees shines through and his sincere focus on investing first in his people is a great reminder that it’s not only the right thing to do, but it can unlock transformational business success. There is also something very powerful when leaders truly connect with and empower their front-line team.”


President & Co-founder, OurHealth

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